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This site was last updated on 18 March 2014

It has been brought to our attention today that a private message has been sent regarding the health status of cats and kittens belonging to 3 named breeders. This has NOTHING to do with the Somali Cat Club; the opinion expressed therein is solely that of the writer. The Somali Cat Club and its committee in no way endorse the content. 
Emma Watts - Chairman Somali Cat Club


LOST Usual Somali female neuter. Microchipped gone missing in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham. She has been missing for 9 days. Very pretty & friendly girl. Please share amongst your friends & hopefully we can help find her.
I can be used as a contact. Thanks Emma. Email


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Overall Best in Show

at the Somali Cat Club Show 2014


UK &Imp Gr Ch and Imp Gr Pr

Brizlincoat Toomai (Annie)


"Annie" makes it a hat trick

becoming the first Somali ever to do this


Many Congratulations to her owner Emma Watts & Breeder Di Taylor

(Photo:- Lisa Aggett)




The Somali BAC now has it's own website please go to


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(in the last 2 months)

We have 0 Cats looking for a new home please visit our

Welfare & Rescue page

Updated (18.03.14)


For all UK cat owners. 
The University of Bristol and the Animal Health Trust are conducting a survey to find out important information on owners views of different treatment options for an important condition affecting cats. 
There is a link for the survey below. You don't need any prior knowledge of the condition as it is all explained in the survey. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete. 
Kind Regards, 
Darren Carwardine BVSc MRCVS

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This friendly Club was formed in 1981 and has approx 150 members.

The Club has as its aims:

bulletto safeguard the well-being of Somali cats and promote the purity of the breed
bulletto stimulate and encourage improvement in type and colour
bulletto work for a much wider appreciation of Somalis
bulletto provide information for members
bulletto guarantee classes and provide trophies at shows supported by the club



As a member of the club you will receive:

bulletFree annual Journal
bulletSpecial Classes at Championship Shows (where accepted)
bulletReduced entry fees at the Somali Cat Club Championship Show
bulletSpecial rosettes for cats gaining titles
bulletStandard of Points, pedigree forms, stud lists, kitten notes, information leaflets - all at nominal prices


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The Somali Cat Club has a Welfare & Rescue Service will help any Somalis who have fallen on hard times.

Most years the Club holds a Seminar where judges, breeders and exhibitors gather together to discuss a particular aspect of Somalis, eg colour, type.

This is preceded by a lunch and is a good opportunity to meet and talk to others interested in the breed.

Our Annual General Meeting is usually held in April. Once again this is very much a social as well as a business occasion.

How to join the Somali Cat Club of Great Britain

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Somali Cat Club Committee Members

Chairman - Emma Watts -

Vice Chairman - Barbara Pointing -

Club Secretary - Di Taylor -

BAC Secretary - Anne Gregory -

Welfare & Rescue/ GCCF Delegate - Alison Lyall -

Treasurer - Lorraine Burns -

Cup Secretary's - Emma Watts (AGM) -

                             Lorraine Burns (Show) -

Journal Editor - Kathy Hines -

Kitten List - Barbara Pointing -

Show Support/Assistant Journal Editor - Sue Amor -  

Membership Secretary - Brian Gregory -

Sponsorship, Advertising & Publicity - Lee Tipton -

Webmaster & Web Kitten List - Emma Watts -

Other committee members:

bullet Sue Abbott
bullet Sean Watts -
bullet Brenda Horsley

All of these committee members are very happy to help with any queries you might have.

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All website contents belong to the above