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Names marked with *** are no longer breeding but can be contacted

The list below contains members of the Somali Cat Club who breed Somalis

The club does not endorse any breeder on this list

& the following link will help you out in what you should look for when buying a pedigree kitten



South East England

Alison Lyall  "Leoncini"  01865 343640, Oxon.  a_lyall@uk2.net ***

Brian Gregory "Beaumaris"  01634 361645, Kent.  beaumaris@blueyonder.co.uk ***

Mimi Darwish "Sorafel" 07768 200195, London. m.darwish@hotmail.co.uk

South West England & South Wales

Emma Watts  "Emanan"  01452 533154, Gloucester. emanan@blueyonder.co.uk

Sue Abbott  "Suenico"  01633 254381, Newport, South Wales.

Barbara Pointing  "Tajura"  01179 236302, Bristol. tajura@live.co.uk

Lorraine Burns  "Somantikks" 07711 233 964 , Somerset. somalis@btinternet.com

North West England & North Wales

Brenda Horsley  "Supatoft"  01539 620050,  Cumbria. brendahorsley15@hotmail.com

Barbara Bullivant  "Baranchri"  0161 881 1416, Lancashire. bbullivant@btinternet.com

Sue & Alan Cooney  "Tagher"  0151 9206260, Liverpool. tagher.somalis@tiscali.co.uk

Sandra Melia "Astrokini" 077788 95003, Lancashire. sandra.melia@sky.com

Sarah Lunn  "Tsailun"  01768 361269 Appleby in Westmorland, Cumbria. sarahlunn@care4free.net

Lee Tipton "Mi-Alma" 07427 475645, Gwynedd. lee@mi-alma.co.uk

Patrick MacDowall & Sian Barber "Cresco" 07702 931980, Lancashire. Patrick.macdowall@gmail.com

Midlands & East Anglia

Dianne Taylor  "Brizlincoat"  01564 823213,  Birmingham. brizlincoat@hotmail.com 

Kathy Hines "Stacym"  01283 516255, Staffordshire. Kathy@somalis.co.uk

Wayne Baxter, "Elmarlay" 01384 355289, West Midlands, baxtella@yahoo.co.uk

North East England & Scotland

Eileen Welsh "Feorag" 01670 733413, Northumberland. eileenwelsh@totalise.co.uk ***

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