Colours of Somalis


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Photograph  of Usual Somali

Usual Somali
Photo: Alan Robinson


USUAL - a rich golden brown ticked with black. This colour gives a Somali a slightly "wild" or "natural" look and is a great favourite. FAWN - a warm, powdery fawn, like vintage champagne.
SORREL - a rich apricot colour. A Sorrel Somali always looks bright and cheerful and is a real tonic on a dull day! USUAL SILVER - silvery-white with black ticking. Very striking with the look of an Arctic fox.
BLUE - a soft blue colour with a warm oatmeal underneath. A dignified, elegant cat. SORREL SILVER - silvery-white with cinnamon ticking. Peaches and cream.


There are also Chocolates, Lilacs, Reds, Creams and more Silver colours,

as well as many Tortie and Tortie Silver colours - 28 Somali colours in all!

Some of the above colours are still rare and you may have to be prepared to wait to find one.


Ticking is the essence of the Somali ........ What is "ticking"?

Look at a hair from a Somali coat and you will find that it has bands of colour all along its length - at least 6 and possibly as many as 14.

These bands are made up of alternate lines of base coat (e.g. apricot in the Sorrel Somali) and ticking colour (e.g. cinnamon in the Sorrel). Ticking is one of the things that helps to give the Somali its unique look.
Ear tips and tufts, eyeliner, top and tip of the tail, toe tufts and heels are all the same colour as the ticking.

Ticking in a Somali is slow to develop. On a 12 week old kitten you may only be able to see a tiny bit on the back of the neck and in some colours it is more difficult to see.

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