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This is just a taster of all the fascinating coat colours Somalis wear.

If you would like more details and many examples of different colours,

the Somali Cat Club has produced and excellent CD with a Powerpoint Programme explaining about the colours and their priorities.

This can be purchased for 5 from the Somali Cat Club table or contact emanan@blueyonder.co.uk for details

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Usual Somali Sorrel Somali Sorrel Somali Usual Somali Usual Somali Group of cats
Usual "Cally" Sorrel  "Pots" Sorrel  "Poppy" Usual  "Cally" Usual Usual family group
Usual Somali Male ROSCOE2.jpg (14737 bytes) Cherub - Usual Somali female Fawn Silver Somali
Usual Blue "Boots" Fawn Silver "Roscoe" Usual  "Cherub" Fawn Silver "Porridge" Chocolate "Cadbury"
kisha.jpg (22155 bytes) sorleyla.jpg (20710 bytes) Usual Somali "Cherub" Blue Somali "Sam" Fawn Silver Somali
Usual Silver "Kisha"

Usual & Sorrel

 "Sorcha & Leyla"

Usual  "Cherub" Blue "Samuel" Fawn Silver  "Porridge" Usual "Jack"

Lilac "Billy"

Blue Tortie Silver


Chocolate "Nessie"

Chocolate Tortie


Red "Louie"

Usual Silver "Kanba"

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